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December 20, 2016
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Thank you!

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We would like to thank our many clients who participated in our year-end “1 Click, 1 Gift” campaign by voting for the association that they wished to support.

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We delivered on our promise. Thanks to you, almost 1,000 euros were collected for these associations.

Vote results (%):

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Most of your votes went to the Swiss foundation Children Action. We are delighted to see that you really care, like we do, about underprivileged children. We plan to continue actively providing support in a variety of ways, including donations, translations, buying greetings cards and participating in charity events.

We are confident that the donation to Positive Planet will help reintegrate vulnerable individuals who are excluded from the banking system, by contributing to the development of their business ventures through microfinancing. As financial sector professionals, you were clearly moved, as we were, by this French association which operates internationally, combining social and financial aid.

The New CityZens project to create a global ideas and information exchange platform, promoting individual enhancement, did not muster the support we had hoped for. Looking forward however, we wish this association every success with its superb venture!

We would like to thank you once again for your participation and we shall be setting a date for our next campaign in the near future!

Please consult the associations’ websites for further information: